Another health-wise use of "electricity in the medicine" are our infrared cabins. These can be installed problem-free in a private home, additionally they are suitable for medical practices, c onvalescent homes, fitness centres, spas and wellness hotels.

More than 2100 years ago, the Romans already knew about the healing effect of thermal radiation. They had warm air-heated hollow chambers, were wide radiant heat modules where used in the modern wellness cabins. The warmth radiates completely gently into the room from these heat modules and generates a completely homogeneous and even radiant heat field.

The sunlight, the Sauna and even our bodies radiate infrared heat. The form of the sweating huts from clay, originally developed at the arctic circle, was still based on a high portion of radiant heat. But with today's common applications, which shall activate the body for sweating, usually air is only warmed up and the therapeutically effect of the depth warmth is missed. The analgesic effect of the radiant heat by infrared warmth is already well known for years in the western world. Many physicians and therapists use infrared warmth to support their therapies.

Infrared is a part of the natural light spectrum. It reaches the body in different wavelengths, measured in micrometers. Infrared is radiant heat, which resembles the sunlight and the warmth produced in the body tissues. The heating elements of our infrared heat cabin are coordinated with the area of wavelength which, therapeutically, is the most effective for the body.

What is the difference between our products and other wellness cabins? In our cabins, built out of high-quality, knob-free woods, large infrared modules are installed. The heat wave temperature is controlled electronically and is infinitely variable. Infrared heat waves penetrate into the skin and heat the body from inside. A process, which can be called "depth warmth". This internal warmth supports a stronger blood circulation of all tissues and muscles.

Infrared cabins, in which sweating happens gently and without physical stress, especially suitable for all those, who dislike the heat and air humidity of a steam bath or a Sauna. Besides, infrared cabins can be equipped with color- and daylight therapy installations.


Sweating with 95-167 fahrenheit/35-75 degrees saves your circulation, relaxing in comforting warmth. Pleasantly and relaxed you sweat very intensively. The radiant heat produced by our heat cabin is resonantly absorbed by the skin and activates the self healing forces of the body.

Because of the infrared radiant heat, poisons incorporated in the body tissues are raised to the surface of the skin and excreted by the pores. The tissue becomes more tightly, the skin visibly smoother.

The health-promoting atmosphere in our infrared heat cabin supports the healing process of infectious- and skin diseases. Mainly the combination of warming- with aromatherapy in the infrared heat cabin already inspired many users.

Medical Therapists have used infrared warmth for decades with arthritis, rheumatism, sinusitis and problems with the back for the analgetic effect and healing support. The penetration of the infrared radiant heat supports the release of tension also in deep muscle areas.

Our infrared heat cabin is well applicable in the prevention of diseases. Regular sweating with infrared warmth stimulates the regeneration of cells in the body and makes them more resistant.

Your body ...
can relax because of the pleasant effect of this infrared warmth. Not only the way of the heating, but also the low air humidity cause this unique feeling.

Your family ...
can enjoy a complete cycle in a familiar environment. The dry warmth is suitable for young and old. Also children and persons with a weaker health can benefit safely from the heat cabin, because of the pleasant infrared warmth. Your body is slowly heated, so that muscles and joints feel the depth effect of the warmth also from the inside. Y ou and your family will enjoy the time in the cabin.

Your time ...
is well used. A whole cycle takes approx. 30-50 minutes. The relatively short time supports the frequently use of the infrared warmth cabin; from twice a week to perhaps daily.

Your house ...
can be equipped very easily with an infrared warmth cabin. It can be installed in each area of your house, without special adjustments: in the bathroom, the bedroom, in the cellar, on the attic or in the garage. Different sizes are available. The infrared elements, which provide for the heat exchange, need normal electricity from the plug socket, 220 V.

Computer controlled
All functions are controlled and supervised by microprocessors. Logically developed input displays guarantee a user friendly handling and a completely safe use.

Seating comfort
Seating is ergonomically designed for comfort.

(Surface) heating modules
These infrared systems guarantee a perfect heat distribution. The continuous and gentle infrared radiation makes it unique. That's the result of research and development for many years.

2 year warranty
Our infrared depth-heat systems are made of the best woods of the Austrian mountains. They are constantly supervised and tested just as well as all electronic construction units.

You can find individual information to every infrared warmth cabin on the cabins particular side.

The scope of supply includes:
Thermometer, Spots, as well as implemented speakers
Wood: Austrian fir
Temperature: 95-167 Fahrenheit / 35-75° C
Factory warranty: 2 years
Delivery time 6-8 weeks (in Austria)